LGBTQ Travel

Hello I am Frank. I am a long-time travel advisor who is very comfortable selling travel to prospective LGBT clients. As a gay man who has traveled extensively with my husband Bob for over 20 years, I am confident that my long-time experience and expertise – both as a travel advisor and as a traveler –will be an asset to my specialty. As your Virtuoso Travel Advisor, be assured that I am very knowledgeable about which Virtuoso Cruise, Tour and Hotel suppliers are “gay friendly.” In addition, I maintain excellent contacts in the industry to ensure that I know which countries and destinations will be comfortable, fun and safe and will certainly meet – and exceed – your expectations for a wonderful vacation. My goal is to curate fun, happy memories and experiences – whether you’re traveling as a single, couple, or group, and whether your objective is for a quiet getaway, a non-stop active adventure, cultural immersion, relaxing cruise, a fun family and friends’ getaway, or something really exciting such as Mardi Gras in Sydney, Australia! I’ve been traveling since I was 16 years old; in the travel industry my whole adult life, and have come to be known as “a gay travel concierge.” I know where you can travel and “be yourself.” I know where you’ll feel comfortable and safe. I know that your vacation needs to be as unique and special as you are. Let’s work together and help spread that rainbow across the globe!